Kind Words…

‘Laura has helped me release fears and dramatically reduce my anxiety using EFT. She is a patient and intuitive practitioner who I can’t recommend highly enough’

‘Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful massage. I floated home, and have felt the benefit for a long time afterwards’

‘I met Laura in January 2013 and absolutely loved the experience – more relaxing than anything I know, I felt mentally as if floating on clouds, and so did my back – it was heavenly to walk down the street without pain for a change. The experience was so fantastic that – needless to say – I wanted more of the same. After my second aromatherapy massage with Laura, my husband (who also works in a stressful job) noticed that however stressed and exhausted I’d left the house beforehand, I felt and looked like a different person afterwards. Consequently, he also began to book aromatherapy massages for himself. We now continue to enjoy these ‘double appointments’, and every single aromatherapy massage is as fantastically stress-busting and relaxing, in every physical and mental sense. I have also had the privilege of doing a session of EFT with Laura, and most recently a Reiki session – another experience of floating on clouds and of a changed mind-set afterwards; the sad, upset me that had arrived went away afterwards totally chilled out, with a big smile and full of optimism.
What makes Laura so unique, is that she is not just a wholly professional practitioner – she is also an immensely kind, caring person, and this personality is always evident, so much so that, since last year, her treatments together with her moral support have helped me through one of the most stressful, difficult periods of my life’.

‘I have been visiting Laura for around 6 months now after suffering for over 2 years with shoulder pain. Laura was the only one who has cured me after visiting many other professionals over the past 2 years. Thank you Laura, I will be back to see you again very soon.’
‘I found the [EFT] experience very uplifting and I can’t say how different I feel. I faced a challenging weekend and I didn’t feel stressed of worried at all. I am really pleased I came and it has changed my life for the better, Thank you so much for your help.